Casa Caio Mario

Casa "Caio Mario"

The property is located in the heart of the historic center of Arpino, on the Caio Mario street which takes its name, (an important Roman commander and consoles), at a distance of only 50 meters from the main square of the country " Piazza Municipio " (in which there are the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the Lyceum and several bars and shops) and near the ancient "Fontana dell'Aquila" which is the emblem of the city: an eagle resting on the two towers between which flows the river " Riviera " (ancient river crossing Arpino). The two towers are the main center of the land, one of which i  Civita Falconara , where there is ancient Church of Santa Maria of Civita (one of the main churches in the country) , just 200 meters walk from the property; continuing to the left , instead, you get after a short walk of 250 meters to the famous Castle of the Naples King  and the Church of San Francesco.

The apartment at present needs a complete renovation. The works of restauration will begin immediately after the first negotiations with the buyer. The prize refers to the completed structure, that can you see hear.

The property consists of four floors:
The ground floor is accessed from the road and through a small common staircase you reach the first floor, Consisting of a private space just closed on three sides (20 square meters), which continued up to the apartment at second floor (about 104 sqm ), in cui you can have (according to the project plans):

    3 bedrooms (one with bathroom ensuite)
    2 bathrooms
    a large living area with kitchen, dining area and living room

Ground floor, first floor and Terrace from external
First floor_ living room

Before entering the apartment, there is a small balcony (about 6sqm), from which you can access directly, with a small spiral staircase, to a privat  terrace very sunny (about 38sqm), with a characteristic wooden roof at sight with skylight.

In the kitchen area (on 2nd floor), there is a small staircase leading to th  Attic floor, consisting of:

  • a upper storey with a study area, to view from livingroom and kitchen;
  • a sleeping area with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 laundry

Light and air are guaranteed from the skylights on the roof.

Also from the Loft you can access to the terrace through a small window-door.

First floor_ kitchen
First floor_ bathroom of bedroom1
First Floor_ bedroom 2
Attic_ mezzanine
Attic_ bathroom
First floor_ bedroom1
First Floor_ sleeping area
First Floor_ bedroom 3
Attic_ bedroom with bathroom and laundry
Mezzanine_ window/door for terrace
The Terrace

The views from property_ The first floor and all balconies of apartment overlook on the municipal road "Via Caio Mario" , from here you can see , on the right (just 20m), the "Fontana dell'Aquila" at the intersection of the road that leads to Civita Falconara and the road  that leads to Piazza Municipio, while on the left you can see the road that leads to the Castle of King Ladislaus, (see photos); instead in front of there is an imposing medieval structure that now is an auditorium.

From the terrace you can see the mountains of neighboring countries  on the left and the " Church of San Girolamo " and the " Civitavecchia tower" on Arpino hill on the right.

The view from terrace_ on the left the "San Girolamo Church" - on the right "the Cicerone Tower"